The Duchy Shepherd Huts Co.

June 10, 2014

The Duchy Shepherd Huts Co. are an innovative home grown small business based in Cornwall, who design and handcraft bespoke ‘coastal rated’ shepherd huts, to withstand all elements. The humble shepherd hut was originally used by shepherd’s to provide them with shelter whilst they watched over their flock. The Duchy Shepherd Huts Co. pride themselves on using the very best materials, to create a unique multi-purpose small space, be it a garden office, spare bedroom or summer hideaway retreat.

Branding for the company gives a heritage feel, textures and vintage typefaces are used alongside photography to give depth and a ‘lived-in’ look. Stanhope Design was commissioned to develop point of sale banners, brochure and website alongside branding.

Duchy Shepherd Huts project

Duchy Shepherd Huts project3duchy-webpage

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