Crime Scene investigation

TT Education Product Illustration

January 7, 2014

Alongside teacher training and workshops, TT Education offers innovative educational products, which make a real difference in schools through raising standards in numeracy and literacy.

Stanhope Design was commissioned to develop an illustrative style for three themes; ‘Giant Bugs’, ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘Treasure Island’. Characters were developed to feature across all three themed productswith an engaging style for attainment levels 3 to 5. The themed products use engaging and interactive puzzles and tasks, to teach and inspire.

Crime Scene investigation

Ilustration for TT Education Crime Scene Investigation maths product

TT Education characters

TT Education characters

Maths product illustration

Illustration for TT Education maths products

Giant Bugs trail

Illustration for TT Education’s Giant Bugs trail

Sample-Maths-Trail-L3_Print L4-Sample-CSI-Trail_Who-did-it_PRINT Giant-Bugs-Trail-Proof

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