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Little Green Fox


Little Green Fox specialise in making a 100% natural antiseptic barrier and healing balm from ingredients such as beeswax, coconut butter, calendula and arnica. Abi at Little Green Fox felt that their current packaging and logo design needed an update with the plan to relaunch the brand.

It was important to Abi at Little Green Fox to retain some of the original heritage in her new logo design, the logo originally based on her daughers drawing of a little fox, and the balm which was created to soothe her daughters skin in a natural way.

Typography has a hand made cut-out out feel and sits next to the angular naive style fox illustration. The colur palette uses a sea-inspired turquoise green with a bolder darker deep sea green.

Little Green Fox's product 'Wonderbalm' is packaged in an eco metal tin with paper labels and completely plastic free. Branding was applied to the 'Wonderbalm' tins and uses the chosen sea-inspired colour palette and brand typefaces.

We can't wait to see Abi's product at markets and shops soon!

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