Samuel F Walsh

Samuel F Walsh - Furniture & Kitchens


Samuel F Walsh - Furniture and Kitchens, design, manufacture and install handmade kitchens and furniture for living spaces. 

Stanhope Design was commissioned to redesign SFW's current logo and branding. Sam's home in Cornwall greatly inspires his work, this connection with the surrounding rural environment was something that husband and wife team Sarah and Sam were keen to embody within the new branding for their business.

Lines within the logo join to symbolise the natural elements; wood, moorland and sea, creating a nature inspired logo suggestive of the influence that the surrounding Cornish landscape has upon Sam’s work. The logo sits with modern bold typography which has a curved flourish to some letterforms, linking both type and logo together to form an effective identity.

Brand guidelines

Stanhope Design put together a comprehensive brand guidelines document for Samuel F Walsh, detailing correct usage of the logo, along with information on typefaces, the brand colour palette and how the brand should be used for printed materials.

Design process

A repeated leaf shape was the basis of the logo design for Samuel F Walsh. The flowing curved lines of the logo choose paths influenced by the floral template beneath, to represent the nature, land and sea elements. 

Photography courtesy Samuel F Walsh - Furniture & Kitchens.